mctaylor Sunday 22 July 2018

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About Me?!

Hello, I am Michael Taylor and some times known by my computer account / username mctaylor (more details about me). If you want to contact me, please feel free. I can be bad at replying, so be forewarned.

Links to Friends & their web sites

Friedel and Andrew have produced a lovely travel and photo blog called the Travelling Two which logs their cycling tour around the world. Um, make that the Travelling Three, congratulations on the arrival of Luke.

Melissa's Little Blue Car site hosts her photos, and her glider.

Melissa Dimock "Refashionista" blogs about her life and family in Ottawa. (older Blogspot blog)

Nate Crawford is Telling Two to Jump Three.(moderately NSFW)

The engima, William Custance and his music and videos.

Paul Bastiaanssen or at flickr.

C's photos of wood working, oddities of rural Ontario and old houses, with his wife.

S & J Hardware firearm accessories manufactured by a friend.

My Interests

"Get Firefox" image from Spread Foxfire used with permission.